Jun 25, 2009

Gotta love kids =)

So today I worked at 5:30am & then I headed over to our church. I practice piano there a couple of times a week, & today there was also a ladies fellowship. The Zimmers, who are missionaries to Yap Micronesia, are home on furlough, so the church had a brunch for the ladies so they could snack & chat with the Zimmer ladies. It was called 'Yap-py time'. Lol! I'm pretty sure a guy came up with that name, but anyways.
I helped with child-care, which was so much fun! I was playing with two little girls; Kate, who is 6, & her little sister Ella, who is 3. I have to share a bit of our conversation, it was quite imaginative &...random. Haha! So here's the scene: Ella & Kate were eating their lunch that they had brought in a cute little lunch bag, we were sitting in the gym of our church & just chatting, when Kate started playing make believe:

Kate: Isn't our lunch bag pretty?
Me: Yes. It is a very cute lunch bag! Did you pick it out?
Kate: We won't throw that away.
Ella: No we won't we can use it again, & again, &...
Kate: What if it gets stolen?
Me: I don't think anyone will steal it in church
Kate: But...a cow might
Ella: Yeah! There are some cows that...
Kate: A cow might come in here & say "I want that pretty lunch bag so I can carry my lunch too!" It might... he might say that.
Me: Well, maybe you can hide the lunch bag under the table, then he won't be able to see it.
Ella: Yes, that is what we should do.
(Kate promptly put the bag under the table, she & Ella both seemed satisfied & continued eating. But then Kate thought of something else)
Kate: What if it is a baby cow? Then it can see under the table!! It might still steal our lunch bag!
Ella: Yeah, the cow, the baby cow it wants EVERYTHING in the church!
Kate: It is going to come in here & take everything. But we may get it back after he takes a nap.
Ella: Do you know? The cow is going to come in here & take everything in the church, even the bathroom doors!
Kate: That is a naughty cow...

Hahaha! It continued on like this for quite a while. Probably the most entertaining conversation I've had lately. Lol! They are such adorable little girls & it was a very fun day =)


  1. SO FUNNY! I am laughing so hard! Thanks for watching them!

  2. No problem! They are such sweet girls. It was fun =)

  3. Alicia, I just have to say that that might be one of the funniest stories I've read in a LONG time!! I am seriously laughing out loud - Naughty Cow... Thanks for sharing that :)