My Passions

All Worthy of Love is an incredible ministry that I have just recently had the opportunity to get involved in. Their mission statement is based out of Isaiah 58 and is driven by God's compassion for the vulnerable. Their main ministry is a weekly outreach to the streets of Detroit for the purpose of building relationships, providing meals and hygiene kits, praying for, sharing the gospel with, and offering rescue to individuals enslaved in human trafficking. Once an individual has been rescued, AWOL continues to walk alongside her as she is fully restored. Check out this amazing organization at

Women At Risk is a phenomenal ministry that minister to at risk individuals all across the globe. Founded by an amazing woman named Becky, WAR now has safehouses in many countries and has rescued thousands of women, children, and men from human trafficking. WAR also provides housing and work for those they rescue. You can support the ministry by purchasing beautiful items made by survivors. Check them out at

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