Jun 2, 2009

Goodbye highschool!

First official blog post! Yay! Haha, anyways-
This past weekend was the Chetek High graduation ceremony. Although I technically graduated back in December, the fact that high school was over hadn't really set in since everyone else was still in school. So now that graduation is over, & I've made the rounds to all of my friend's graduation parties, it is definitely sinking in. Looking at all of my friend's picture collages at their grad parties was a huge reminder of how lucky I've been to have such great friends! Through our awkward pre-teen years all the way up until now, we've been through alot together & I'll always be grateful for all the memories we have. So to all of my amazing friends: Congratulations on surviving high school =) And thank you for always being there me! I'm going to miss you all so much!! This blog is just going to be a way to keep my friends & family updated as I prepare for college & begin that part of my life. My hope is to keep in touch with all of my loved ones, so please feel free to leave comments/feedback, or email me! Whatever works for you. Alright, well I guess that'll do it. Lol! Hopefully, with practice, I'll get this whole blogging thing down =) Thanks for stopping in!

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