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Hello there! My name is Alicia, and just to be honest, I always feel awkward writing about myself, but I want to give Christ glory for what He has done for me. I grew up in Wisconsin & lived there (minus a short semester in Peru) for my whole life until I got married in August of 2013. My childhood and my teenage years were at times difficult because of different situations, but God has used those things to shape my passions & burdens for specific ministry, & so though those things were extremely painful at the time, I have seen over & over again God fulfill these promises from 2 Corinthians 1: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as we share abundantly in Christ's sufferings, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too."

I attended college at Northland International University, & recieved a great, biblical education. I earned my bachelors in Piano Pedagogy & desire to use that to allow inner-city kids to have lessons free of charge if they are unable to afford music lessons & desire to learn. The place that has impacted me most spiritually over the years is Northland Camp; it was there that I learned how to truly study my Bible, it was there I was discipled & taught how to invest into others, & it was there that for the first time I tasted & saw God's goodness more clearly than ever before through His word. I will forever be thankful for the 4 years God allowed me to spend summers being saturated with truth & the beauty of Christ. It was also there that I met my amazing husband =)

I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I have been married for about a year now to a wonderful, godly man who has been a picture of Christ's love to me. As I mentioned above, Titus & I met at Northland Camp, & the Lord led very clearly in the summer of 2012, & we began dating that fall, & got married the following summer! A whirlwind to be sure, but you can read more details here =)

One of the clearest things that God used to bring us together was our similar passion for inner-city ministry. I am so excited about the area God has Titus & I in, & also the ministry He is leading us towards. I am incredibly humbled that God chose to give me such a kind, gracious, patient, hard-working, God loving husband. As the Lord continues to grow us individually and as a couple, I am just blown away by His incredible wisdom in who He gave me as a husband. God knew that Titus was just the man I needed to help me grow, and also to balance out my strong will (aka---stubbornness! =)

I love you, Titus!

This is my beautiful Mama. She is an incredible woman of God who has been through so much, yet has always stayed rooted in God's word & in His promises, & she has had the most impact in my life. She was the one who led me to the Lord when I was just 5 years old, & she continues to be a constant source of encouragement, prayer, support, and a good kick in the pants when necessary =) I am so thankful that I can honsestly say that my mom is one of my best friends!

 My awesome big brother, Jeremiah....where do I even begin? We fought like cats & dogs when we were little. I remember slaps in the face (we both did it to each other!), name calling, ignoring, and just general spitefulness. People always told me as a kid that we would one day be good friends, & I laughed at them!
To all of those people, you were right =) My big brother is such a support, & we love hanging out together & having good ol' animated movie marathons whenever we get to see each other! Jeremiah has been through so much, yet continues to be strong, and has been growing very obviously in his relationship with the Lord. My big brother is also a hero; he has served in Army Infantry for over 6 years now. He has served several tours in Iraq & Afghanistan, and one in South Korea. He is very, very skilled & courageous & has quickly been promoted. He has stacks of awards certificates & medals, but he never shows them to I wish I could be more specific! Needless to say, I love him very much & I am SO proud of him!

My sisters...I don't even know where I would be without them! They are always there for me; I can talk to them about anything, and they mean the world to me! 

Rebecca (on the left), is so wise & loyal. I will always cherish the times I would come back from college & we would get together for iced coffee, a movie, & honest talks. She has always had such a grounded perspective on things, she is an amazing wife & mother. Also, she is a very talented writer with a ton of knowledge on how food can heal our bodies. She is using her passion & skills to glorify God and I am so proud of her!
If you are interested in her work, check out her blog, Nurse Gone Natural

Amber (on the right), is one of the most compassionate, generous, hospitable, loyal, and kindest people that I know. She wrote me letters of encouragement & sent me care packages all through college. She is always available to talk & takes time out of her crazy schedule whenever I (or another family member) need anything. She also is a wonderful wife & mom, & I am so thankful for her friendship!

I look up to both of my sisters, & just know that I am incredibly blessed to have such good friendships. 

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