Jun 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Well, the past few days have been a very busy, with work, planning for my graduation open house (which is already this Saturday...ahhhh!!!) and the ever present, never ending piano practice, Lol! But it's all good, I go a bit crazy if I'm not consistantly doing something. =)

So getting prepared for the grad party has been pretty good so far, just have to finish up some cleaning around the house, & I also just put together a slideshow. So hopefully that will turn out ok. Then Sunday night I had my senior pics taken (better late than never, right? Lol!) A friend of the family took them for us. She used to work as a freelance photographer at a magazine in Denver, so she was alot of fun to work with (even though I really, really do NOT like cameras, haha!). Another huge blessing; She took the pics for free, as a grad gift to me. So sweet!

Then at work, one of my friends just got a job as a lifeguard, so he has been working the same shift as me so I can help train him in, which has been alot of fun. Work isn't quite so boring. He worked Saturday with me, & also tonight. We pretty much just joked around & talked about random things...good times =)
There is also a swim team that comes in on Mondays & Wednesdays that we got to help with. I don't know what it is, but lately I absolutely LOVE working with, or teaching little kids. So much, that I am thinking about minoring in Childrens Ministries when I go off to college. Please be in prayer that God would give me many opportunities to take part in different ministries over the course of the next few years, so I can be better prepared for whatever God has for me in my future.

Alright, that is all I have for tonight. Thanks for stopping in! =)


  1. Hope you have an awesome party tomorrow!!! : ) Wish I could be there!!! Congrats!

    Givin you a hug,

    Sarah Beth

  2. Thank you so much! Congrats to you too, on graduating & your new baby sis!!

    Sending a hug back your way =)