Mar 8, 2014

Two Week Wrap!

Crazy, crazy, crazy life! And I love it :)
The past couple of weeks have been crazy, so I am going to do a fly over recap, then hone in on some details in future posts (possibly).

Titus & I had the opportunity to be mom & dad to four kids (plus a dog) for a week! While our school admin and his wife took a recruitment trip to BJU we house sat & made sure all the kids stayed in one place & didn't burn the house down or kill each other. Kidding! They are great kids and we hardly had to do much more than cook meals & drive them to school :) it was a lot of fun! And after that week, I am convinced Titus is going to be a great dad when the time comes. He did much more than I did! He even got up early to make breakfast for everyone one morning, even though he hadn't gotten to bed until almost 2 am because he was playing in a football league the night before. I am so blessed!

It made for a busy week, but I learned a lot & especially that Thursday,  God taught me a big lesson through an unexpected, small,seemingly unimportant event; making dinner! I will be sure to share more about that later since God really exposed my heart, & I think it illustrates how involved God is in even the smallest details :)

That weekend, I had to say goodbye to my coworker, Elizabeth, as she moved to South Korea to begin a new ministry there. I learned a lot from her, & we already miss her a lot!!

Due to Elizabeth leaving, I am now the "lead" in the toddler room, which means longer hours & more responsibilities. It is a blessing because that also means some extra income; Titus and I have been blown away at God's faithfulness in providing above and beyond our needs. To celebrate the pay raise, we are starting to look at dogs to add to our home! We both love animals, & I especially  would like to have a furry friend along when Titus is away or when I go on walks by myself. I'll keep you updated on that process!!

Please continue to pray as God has been deeply working in my heart and life lately. He really does do the most work through small moments of obedience through little moments every day. Whether it is just choosing to love a difficult person, or choosing not to complain when you have to change the twentieth piopy diaper or wipe the fiftieth snotty nose before noon :) so thankful for Christ! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! More soon :)