Jun 29, 2014

Food For Thought: Blog Day

If you have never explored John Piper's website, you are missing out on a vast resource for personal growth in Christ. There are over twenty years worth of sermons catagorized from topic to passage; blog articles by solid writers on almost every topic, as well as a wealth of other resources. Seriously, head over to desiringgod.com!

The blog entry that caught my eye today is entitled, "Putting Your City in its Place." 
I won't restate the article, but be sure you read it through! Great thoughts on why it isn't enough to just reach a city with the gospel by planting a church or sending a missionary, but that darkness transcends geographic lines & is more about individuals. I know people that live within a mile of our church & have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel...bottom line---be where you are, God has put you there for a reason. You have a unique group of friends, co-workers, grocery store attendants, hair stylists, etc, that need YOU to show them Christ. Go where the gospel isn't...in your own community!! 

Enough of me, go read: Putting Your City in its Place

Jun 27, 2014

{May}hem & the Catch-up Game

Hello all!

Well, here we go again---my bi-monthly post with promises of being more consistent...we'll see how the consistency part goes! =)

The Lord has been so good to Titus & I, and in the past few months I feel that we have, by God's grace, grown individually and as a couple. It seems like the Lord is preparing us for a specific ministry in Detroit & I am so thankful that He has blessed me with Titus, who is the strength to all of my weaknesses.

Speaking of my handsome hubby, he had an awesome opportunity back in May to take a 10 day mission trip to Brasil to help construct a church.

The Lord allowed them to get a lot down & make some great friendships, but I missed Titus so much!
One morning, he sent me a facebook message & told me he had had an accident, but "don't worry, nothing serious. It is actually pretty funny!" Well, later in the day I had an opportunity to Skype with him and...it wasn't funny! Long story short, if you look in the picture above you can see the construction site. There were high walls of clay all around, & one of those big chunks of clay (about 1000lbs I was told) fell on Titus' head while he was working with a pick ax. It pushed him down the hill, pick ax & all, and several of the Brasilian construction workers said it was the scariest accident they had seen in over 20yrs. Titus walked away with some bruises & cuts, but he was completely fine! Praise the Lord! Such a reminder though to be so thankful for my loved ones, & to not pray so flippantly about safety.

These twins got very attached to Titus in the short time he was there. Titus gave a great challenge in church after he returned; we don't have to travel halfway across the world to engage in "missions." We have missions in our own backyard. Needy people who don't know how much Christ loves them, & the only thing they know of Christians is the hypocritical ones they know, or the angry, condescending legalistic stereotype that all of us have encountered at one point or another. Why not get out into your community & find just one person you can be Christ's hands & feet for?

The rest of May and the beginning of June was a blur as school wrapped up, I got to go up to Wisconsin unexpectedly to surprise my mom as she graduated with her degree in accounting! I am SOOOOO proud of her hard work and perseverance. She has always been such an example to me, & I am so thankful for her & the opportunity to be her daughter =)

Titus & I will be spending the rest of this month & most of July at Northland Camp; the place God has used greatly in both of our lives. Titus has quite a lot of responsibilities & I am so proud of him for the long hours he works, & also his care for those around him. I am working as the finance secretary, which I have actually enjoyed quite a bit! I stay busy, but God has also given me some extra time to read more, work on my TESOL class, & talk with others. It has been refreshing & much needed after so much change & honestly--- a few months of draining work in the daycare. The study of Philippians that we are doing this summer has been so rebuking, but also encouraging for me. God is just teaching me once again of His goodness and faithfulness, & I am so thankful for all He has given me.