Apr 13, 2014

A Series of Fortunate Events

Well, I am building my way up to regularly blogging! I am determined to get there :) For now, I'll fill you in on the past few weeks.
Spring break actually had a small sliver of spring weather after a brutal winter. Unfortunately, I came down with the nastiest stomach flu I've ever had...so I was quarantined inside our apartment for the day that it snowed! Thankfully, I recovered quickly (with the care of my sweet husband), & on Thursday we were able to carry out the plans we'd had for the day we both had off.
Though Detroit has been given quite a stigma recently, many areas of it are still very beautiful & great to explore! I have been dying to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts for several months, so we finally made it down there. 

We spent several hours enjoying all of the exhibits! Our favorites were the Egyptian exhibit, & the other ancient exhibits. Though many of the paintings were breathtaking!

Later that evening, we had the awesome privilege of going to see the Casting Crowns "Thrive" tour...man, blown away by how blessed I was! I a so thankful for Mark Hall's ministry. The band still serves at their local church Sunday through Wednesday, then they do concerts Thursday through Saturday. Before each concert, the group walks through each venue...every aisle...and they pray for all the people who will be attending that evening. Their new album is based on the concept of taking root deeply into God's word, then reaching out & loving others. Just like the tree described in Psalm 1; it serves its purpose best when it is receiving nutrients. We as Christians can be friendly towards people all we want, but if it is not based in the truth of the gospel, it is frivolous. On the flip side, we can study all we want & master theological arguments, yet if we are not loving others with what we are learning, that also is not fulfilling the purpose that God made us for. As believers, we must study God's Word earnestly, then as James says---real faith works! Don't be a hearer only...put what you read into action & reach out to love on others & point them to Christ!

Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we still have some gift cards from our wedding! We enjoyed a fun date night at Red Lobster the following evening :)

Then...we got a puppy!! It was on St. Patricks day! We named him Mason, & he is a sweetheart. 

When we first got him, all he wanted to do was cuddle...now he's a bit more mischievous. 

See how sweet he was? He still is...but he has become VERY attached to Titus...he hardly comes to me when Titus is home. Except while I was writing this post he kept trying to climb into my lap. Haha! What a stinker :)

My series of fortunate events continued by God allowing me to meet up with these sweet friends from college. Debbie & Grace were on spring break, & I was in the area to accompany some of our highschool students in the MACS competition. We shopped, got starbucks, & went out for sushi! It was such an unexpected blessing, & I am so thankful it worked out!! God is so kind to give so many gifts :)