Jul 10, 2010

....My bad

Once again, I have gone so long without posting that it would take a small book to catch you up on everything that has happened in the past week. My apologies. Haha! I will try to make it short =)

Last weekend was great! Fourth of July is the busiest time in Chetek; we go from a population of around 2 thousand to about 7 thousand overnight! Which isn't that many for a big city, but Chetek is tiny. One of those "blink & you'll miss it" kind of towns. Lol! I was able to spend a lot of time with friends & family & my niece also spent the weekend with us. It was a great time =) Here are some pics:

I got to take some pictures of Aubrianna while she was here. She is so photogenic!!
This one is my favorite; look at those baby-blues!! =)

Krystle's family serve as missionaries in South America, so she was excited to go to her first 4th of July in Wisconsin....However, it ended up literally raining on our parade. We still had a blast though! 

After we had lunch, Krystle dominated me on the Wii; that's us in front of our Mii's. Hehe! =)
I also got some pictures with my beautiful niece, Bri <3
I was trying to get her to wave, but she got distracted. Haha!

So the fourth was a lot of fun, but then it was back to work on Monday. During the last hour of swimming lessons, a little girl neglected to let us know that she had to go to the bathroom, & no, not just #1...#2!!! As if that wasn't bad enough, it wasn't solid. UGH!! Sorry, I don't mean to gross you out. Lol. So we had to close the pool down for two days; it was nice to have a day off, but still gross. 

Wednesday was great; we didn't have church that night, so I wen't over to the Somali apartments nearby with my friend Keri & her husband Paul. Keri & I had some fun "girly time" with a Somali woman named Rokiya, & her daughter Ubah while Paul played soccer with the guys. We did henna tattoos, which was really fun! They use the henna to dye their nails red instead of painting them, so Rokiya did mine. It didn't quite work though because I had on clear nail polish; the henna dyed my nails yellow & the red color bled to the skin around my nails!! hahaha! I looked like my fingernails were about to fall off from some weird disease. Lol. It should wear off within the next week or so though. =) Please pray for us & the women as we seek to build relationships & share the gospel. 

Thursday was another wonderful day. Something absolutely incredible happened! I got a phone call from the woman that is head of the scholarships & finances at Northland. Up until this week it didn't look like I would be able to afford to go back this semester. I still owed money from this past spring & I won't make enough this summer to make up the difference. I had an opportunity to go overseas to Dubai & teach English for 6 months so I wasn't too bummed about taking a year off of college, but I wanted to make sure it was God's will. I told God that I couldn't afford college this year & that if He wanted me back at Northland He needed to make it very clear to me. And God is faithful! I had around $9700 in scholarships & grants, but that still leaves a pretty big chunk left to come up with; the scholarship committee at Northland discussed it & they made me an offer. Without getting into all the details, I now owe $0  for this next year!! Praise the Lord!! Couldn't be more clear than that, huh? Thursday night I also got to go over to a friends house; she just got back from a 5 week missions trip across Europe, so it was a huge blessing to hear all about it & see the pictures =)

Friday after work I got to take some maternity pics of my sister, Rebecca. She is due any day now & I can't wait! (Neither can she, lol!) Here are some of my favorite pics:

   As you can see, she is gorgeous! So it was easy to get some great shots =)

Last, but definitely not least, today I had the privilege of going to a conference in Minneapolis with Paul & Keri. It was all about reaching Muslims for the gospel. It was a life changing day & I won't even try to cram it all in this post, but I promise I will talk more about it sometime this week. If you're curious though, you can check out the website here! I highly, HIGHLY recommend checking out Fouad Masri's ministry; it is incredible. 

Thanks for stopping in & catching up on all of my summer madness! I hope that you all have a great weekend =) 

John 1:1-5 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

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  1. lol, I should ready your blog more often so that I know what is going on in your life. I am just praising God that He is providing a way for you to go back to Northland!!