Oct 25, 2009

Sunday =)

I know what you all are thinking. "Alicia comes up with the most original titles!" Haha! Or more likely; the exact opposite. Lol! Anyways, today was great! I went to Grace Church & it was a message I really needed to hear. Pastor Kimbrough was preaching out of James about being a doer of the Word & not just a hearer. It is SO easy in a Bible college to become apathetic to the Word. I mean, yes, I am learning more & more about the scripture every day. The teaching here is phenomenal, the chapel services are super challenging & I can honestly say I've never loved the Bible as much as I do now. But at the same time, we are saturated with it. Which is a good thing, but it is very easy to just be satisfied with that; being in the Word & learning about it, but not applying what we've learned in to our own lives. So it was a really great sermon! Then afterwards we have a discussion group, which was also a blessing.

After church, we headed out to lunch. It was me, Rachel,(a girl I grew up with from my home church)Melissa, & Mandie, (who are both friends from school) in one vehicle. Then we met the Kimbrough boys at Taco Bell. Luke & Ethan both go to school at Northland as well, & their younger brother Jared is still in high school, but he's still pretty cool. They're all really funny, so we had a great time. They also have an older son named Caleb, but he is in Australia doing the study abroad program.

All in all a very fun day! But now I need to go practice & finish my music theory home work. I spent almost all day yesterday staring at this computer screen because I had to write a 10 page paper :p Not fun!! But that is almost finished, so I'm just leaving the rest for tomorrow =)I hope you all had a great Sunday!! And have a wonderful week =)


  1. Very cool! My dad always says the best place to back slide is a Christian school or a Christian college. How amazing it is the God is keeping your heart tender. : ) Miss you girly!

    ~silly human

  2. It's so true. Thankfully God has been working in my life. He is SO good!

    Btw, I miss you too! ...Which means you should come to Northland. Haha! Or I'll come to Peru again. =)
    Thanks for checking in Sarah. I hope you're having a great week. Tty soon!

    ~Silly-ER human