Oct 21, 2009

Spirit Week Pics ((finally!!))

Ok, ok. I admit it; I'm terrible at posting things when I say I will. So here's some of the pics from Spirit Week that I was going to put up ages ago. Lol! I do have a good excuse though. This week has been NUTS!!! Anyways, have fun browsing =)

Ashlee & I on Roman Day

Fighting over the bread they threw into the stands. Lol!

Our Chancellor (Doc O) judged the 'best toga' contest.

Yeah togas! Haha!

Some of my other gorgeous friends.

Classic films day. On the left-hand side is Hannah as Princess Lea in Star Wars. Next is Jacqueline from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Then Emilee & Ashlee weren't quite sure what movie they fit into. They still looked cute though! Lol!

Here we have our nuns. Haha!!

Little kid day!! Krystle said she used to be a tomboy. I was always just plain goofy.

Hahaha!I love Rachel's face here. She's on the far right. They all look so great!!

Jacqueline & I.

Emilee, myself, & Ashlee at the Northland v.s. Maranatha soccer game. It was so much fun!! But VERY cold. =)

It was such a fun week! I wish I had time to put up some more pics. There are a few more over on facebook if you feel like checking those out =) Thanks for stopping in. Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Yay! Love the pics! Oh, and I LOVE your "kid" shirt. lol

  2. Thanks Sarah!! It was a blast =)