Nov 17, 2010

More Updates from Haiti

Hey everyone,
If you aren't up to date on what's been going on with the Bower family in Haiti, please see my last post.
Just as a very quick summary, over the past month their ministry has been undergoing an extremely difficult time: Tim had dengue fever just a few weeks ago, last week a school teacher & dear friend of their family drowned in the river, & now the cholera outbreak is ravaging the entire country. Here are their two latest updates:

"Tim and Pastor Vanier had to go to the peogn hospital tonight.Pastor Markelito is very sick and was taken to the hospital It's an hour and a half away. Normally Tim wouldn't go out right now, but, Markelito's family wants to take him out of the hospital and to the witchdoctor. Markelito is to weak to fight them so he called Tim.

Tim just made it back. Thank you for the prayers. He was able to get the IV's Markelito needed and had a talk with the family. Tim left Pastor Frisnel there to make sure the family didn't try any witchdoctor medicines on Pastor Markelito."

Please continue in prayer & intercession for the Bowers & for Haiti. They need the hope that only Christ can give. 

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