Nov 15, 2010


Hello friends,
I have a burden & prayer request to share with you all.
This past August I went to Haiti for a week & met many brothers & sisters in Christ and was blessed to form a lot of new friendships. The Bower's are the missionary family we stayed with while we were there & I am able to keep in touch with them through facebook. This past week has been especially difficult & emotional for several reasons, but on Wednesday an extra factor of stress was added when I saw this on Tim & Roseanne's facebook:

"Please pray for our 6th grade school teacher Professor Joslin he has been missing since yesterday 3am. He left school sick on Wednesday, went to a clinic and got medicine, that night he was starting to have delusions and wasn't talking normal saying that the people had come to get him ect. and then he disappeared early in the morning. We let school out at 10 today so everyone could go looking for him."

Joslin is a dear brother in Christ that spoke English fairly well, so our group was able to converse & become friends with him, especially on our last night in Haiti. He came by & gave us all gifts of handmade bookmarks, necklaces, & bracelets. 
In Haiti, if someone gets sick & starts hallucinating it is a very grim situation...and though praying about it gave some peace, it was a very unsettling report. Saturday, the Bowers confirmed what everyone had feared:

"Prof. Joslin's body was found today.He drowned in the river.Please pray for his family they are taking it hard. There will be no funeral because of the condition of the body.We received the neccessary papers from the police and buried him an hour ago."

It is just a heartbreaking circumstance...another update from today:

"Sad, sad day here. It's the first day of school since Prof. Joslins death. We had an assembly with all of the students, staff and teachers. He was well liked and had a good testimony for Christ."

Please, please pray for the Bowers & their ministry. Also for all of those involved in the school. God has a purpose in this, just ask Him to do a work through this tragedy. I really appreciate your prayers & I know the Bowers are grateful for them as well. 

((Update!! November 16th))
A few more urgent updates from the Bowers:

"We are all safe and at home. The riots in Cap Haitian are aimed at the UN. The UN is being blamed for bringing Cholera into Haiti. The epidemic has spread even to where we are and bodies are being dumped without proper burials The embassy has told all foreigners to stay at home and that's what we will be doing."

and from this morning...

"More burning of tires and the road is cut in town. About two miles from our house. Everyone is warning us to stay inside. We are fine. The cholera panic has hit. Please pray that we can get more jif(water purifying chloro) we have purified drinking water but our neighbors do not and need the drops. We have a half gallon left to give out."

Please be in prayer for Haiti & for the Bowers. This is an extremely desperate situation.


  1. Alicia...I am so sorry to hear about this family. I will keep them in my prayers, and I will also keep you in my prayers. I know that this must be hard on you as well. Love you.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine what they are going through. This makes me cry!! I will be in prayer for them, and as Amber said for you too:)