Sep 6, 2009

College Daze

Oh my goodness, it has been a crazy couple of days, I don't quite know how to sum it all up, but I'll do my best.

Well, Wednesday when I got here, I just unpacked & tried to get settled in. Since I'm the last kid at home, I'm now used to having my own room, & its about as big as the dorm I now share with 3 other people, so thats been an adjustment. But my roommates are all really great, so that makes it easier =)

Thursday, I actually don't really remember all of what we did, I know that's bad since it was only like 2 days ago, but whatever. Lol. I do remember that Thursday night I had piano auditions, & that went really well! It is probably the first time I've played in front of people without having my hands start shaking. Haha! So praise the Lord for that =)

Friday, bright & early, I had Aural Skills testing. Which, let me tell you, is great fun! *note sarcasm* Ok, ok, it's not that bad, but it is very difficult for me. We had to listen to the Professor play different intervals, or patterns on the piano, & then we had to write down whether it was a major 5th, or perfect 4th, or G7, or whatever the case may be. So not my forte! Lol. Next, we had music theory....nuff' said. Haha! I really haven't been taught theory at all, except for this spring, I had to cram because I was involved in about 4 competitions that required some theory. But, I am not on the college level. So please be praying for me with that. =)

Saturday was pretty full of freshmen orientation meetings, but in the evening, the student body put on some really fun activities. We all got together in the gym & they had like goofy videos, & some games. It was a blast. Afterwards, we went down to the lake & sang worship songs & gave some testimonies. Afterwards, there was a fireworks display to usher in the fall semster. It was really cool =)

Today I went to Grace Baptist Church, & I really liked it. It reminds me of my home church, so thats nice. Then A group of us went on a walk around one of the lakes on campus, & that was SO much fun. A good way to get to know some new friends. There are some awesome people here, & I'm excited to meet everyone.

Classes start tomorrow, & I'm still having a few issues with my schedule, so please be praying for me about that. Thanks everyone, & please let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you about. =) Have a lovely week.


  1. Hey there! Well, you have been busy! lol I'll be praying for you. Well, I am, but I still will be! lol Sounds like it'll be alot of fun... minus the theory part!

  2. Hey you! Yup, I'm getting used to the crazy schedule a little bit though. Thanks SO much for the prayers, I really appreciate it =) How has everything been for you lately?