Sep 19, 2009

Aubrianna Marie

Baby Bree is here!! I had just gotten out of a class Friday at around 11am & I checked my cell phone to find I had about 4 missed calls, & a text that told me that Amber's water had just broke. Chaos ensued. Lol! So I ran on over to the registrar's office to get a weekend pass, & thankfully they were really willing to tweak the rules for my situation. So I had to finish out the rest of my classes, & then I started the long drive from Northland down to Madison. I got another call (one of many throughout the day) from my other sister, Rebecca. Amber had gone into labor & was at the birthing center already. I finally arrived at about 11pm, & little miss Aubrey was already here =) She is beautiful, & my sister & her hubby are thrilled. What a miracle babies are!! Thank God for a safe pregnancy & delivery =) Here are some pics of my beautiful niece:

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