Jun 29, 2014

Food For Thought: Blog Day

If you have never explored John Piper's website, you are missing out on a vast resource for personal growth in Christ. There are over twenty years worth of sermons catagorized from topic to passage; blog articles by solid writers on almost every topic, as well as a wealth of other resources. Seriously, head over to desiringgod.com!

The blog entry that caught my eye today is entitled, "Putting Your City in its Place." 
I won't restate the article, but be sure you read it through! Great thoughts on why it isn't enough to just reach a city with the gospel by planting a church or sending a missionary, but that darkness transcends geographic lines & is more about individuals. I know people that live within a mile of our church & have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel...bottom line---be where you are, God has put you there for a reason. You have a unique group of friends, co-workers, grocery store attendants, hair stylists, etc, that need YOU to show them Christ. Go where the gospel isn't...in your own community!! 

Enough of me, go read: Putting Your City in its Place

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