Feb 17, 2014

Snow Camp, Six Month Anniversary, and Various Other Adventures

Well hey there! It has been less than a month since I last blogged, so I feel very proud of myself for already writing again :)
The past week and a half have been, you guessed it...BUSY! But lots of fun. Titus and I had the opportunity to go up to snow camp for three days with the WCS teens. I was in the cabin with the middle school girls, and it was a ton of fun!!

It was an awesome opportunity to get the know some of the basketball girls better, and also a grwat chance to get to know some of the other girls that I haven't interacted with much yet. Some of my favorite times were the random one on one conversations as I got to ask them what God was teaching them, what some of their greatest struggles are, and how I can pray for them or help them. 

Titus helped me stay warm, even though we only saw each other a few times throughout the day...he thought ahead and bought me a giant pack of hand & foot warmers!! Love that thoughtful guy if mine :) 

It was such a beautiful setting to be able to have a renewed focus on God; not that a geographical location makes God any more accessible or whatever, it was just nice to take a few days off of daycare & renew my focus on discipling those that God has given me opportunity to invest into their lives, & also to soak myself in God's word, so I can know & enjoy, & point others to Him. 

We returned to Wixom at around 4 pm, & then Titus & I went out for dinner (sushi!!) to celebrate our six month anniversary. It is crazy to think we have already been married for six months, but it also feel like I have been with Titus forever!! He is exactly my God-given match, & I am so thankful for his patient, consistent, thoughtful, self-sacrificing, kind, goofy, sweet love. God is so kind to give me an earthly mirror of His own love for me. 

It has been a very long winter, but God has taught me so much while I've been burrowing into blankets all of these cold, snowy days: contentment, not whining, loving and serving despite emotions, using my down time wisely. Not perfect in any of these, but thankful that God is working!! 


  1. Thank you for posting this. You are so encouraging. Love you!

  2. So thankful for the work that God is doing in your life! Love you :)