Mar 26, 2011

Spring Break!!

Hello there everybody! Do you remember me? I haven't posted an update in a while, but I am still alive. Haha! And it's Spring Break! So I've been enjoying a week at home with my family.

This past month at school has been exhausting, but very, very good. I have a lighter workload than last semester, but I have been sick quite a bit. Actually, I've had 10 days all together that I was too sick to leave my dorm & had to spend the day in bed. I went about 72 hours on 6 hours of sleep because I was too sick to sleep, even though I took nyquil every couple of hours. Sounds miserable, huh? Well, it was, but the Lord really, REALLY taught me about his sufficiency even in that overwhelming circumstance, & He also taught me some things about myself that He wants to change. I look forward to sharing those lessons with you later, but for now I'll just catch you up on this past week =)

Spring break came just in time! As soon as I was well enough to get out of bed, I had to hit the ground running and catch up on everything I had been unable to do for the 5 days I was sick.  Tuesday I had a midterm, Wednesday I had to give a speech & powerpoint presentation for a literature class, and Thursday I had to catch up on about 4 hours of music practice & get everything ready to go home. HOME!!! Yay =) Lol, anyways. Friday was the day! Me & several of my fellow Chetek-ians packed up & loaded up for the trip back to Chetek. Since my car died earlier in the semester, a family friend made the trip to Northland to pick us 3 girls up.  I had planned on catching up on some more reading & homework on the four hour drive home, but the sleepless nights caught up to me & I ended up sleeping most of the way home. That was actually the longest I had slept at once all week! It felt soooooo good =) As soon as I got home, my mom & I got back in the car & drove down to the Wisconsin Dells to spend the weekend with my sister, Amber, & her family. She & her husband just moved into a new house, and it is beautiful! Me, my mom, Amber, & my niece Bri all went shopping on Saturday & had sushi that night...while watching Finding Nemo. I felt a little weird about watching a movie about fish while eating fish, but I got over it! Haha =) Because my sister & her husband own 2 restaurants in that area, it is really hard for them to get away, so it was SUPER nice to spend a few days with them.

I finally got home on Monday, & slept...a LOT!! I think that when you are super busy, you don't notice how tired you are until you have time to slow down...then it hits ya! I spent the day relaxing, and I also played piano for almost 4 hours....crazy I know! But I have a beautiful baby grand here at home & sometimes it is really nice to just sit down & play for fun since at school I have to be very rigid with practice time & the material I study. Tuesday & Wednesday I got to spend a lot of time with my mom, which is always wonderful. I have been blessed with a godly, wise, amazing mom & I am SO thankful for her! We got to do a lot of shopping this week, which is something we don't get to do too often, so that was a blast! I also got my hair cute & dyed, it turned out SUPER now I want highlights! Lol =) We got a snow/hail/slush storm, so church was cancelled Wednesday night...I was bummed about that because I LOVE my home church & I really don't get to go there very often anymore.

Thursday I got to spend some time with my other sister, Rebecca, and her daughter, Tatym. Becca & her husband went out to eat Thursday night, so my mom & I babysat Tatym. She is eight months old & absolutely ADORABLE! I have missed out on seeing her a lot since I am at school, so it is always fun to spend time with her. On Friday, my mom, Becca, Tatym & I went out to eat with my grandparents, and that was really a blessing to see them again. Then that night, my mom & I went to a restaurant called HuHot, which is delish! It is a Mongolian grill with a healthy & yummy selection of food! It is definitely one of my new favorites =)

Today I finally got to satisfy my craving to go swimming & do the butterfly! I did about an hour of lap swimming & now my shoulders are killing me. Although I work out at school, we don't have a I'm definitely out of swimming shape! Lol. I'm going to have to work out A LOT to work off all of the food I've been treated to this week....oh boy. Hahaha! I also got to see my good friend Cody. I taught swimming lessons with him every day this summer & I hadn't seen him since December, so it was great to catch up.

All in all, spring break has been AMAZING & I am going to miss being home so much! Tonight I get to hang out with one of my best friends & watch a movie, then I need to pack to go back to school. We'll be heading back soon after church tomorrow...time to get back into the swing of things! I'm so thankful for the refreshing time off & I'm looking forward to finishing out the semester. This is just kind of a "catch up" post, especially for my sister since I know you always want me to post more. Haha! I hope that you all have a great weekend =) Take care!!

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