Feb 19, 2011

Random Me

Well, usually this is done of facebook, but I thought I would let you guys in on some of the lesser known, random, & indeed, somewhat odds facts about me! If you have a life, this might be a good time for you to get to it, otherwise, read on! Haha =)

1. Things on my bucket list: go skydiving, learn to play the guitar, & learn how to surf.

2. I love cereal, especially Special K. I would pretty much live off of the stuff if I could.

3. I really enjoy hiking, running, kickboxing, swimming, and P90X; in other words---I hate sitting around!

4. I love horses! I used to take English saddleseat lessons on some beautiful Saddlebred horses & I placed 2nd in my first real show.

5. I'm secretly a history nerd; I would rather watch the history channel than most other programs...as long as it's ancient history =)

6. When I was a little kid, I was very gullible. My older siblings told me there was a secret room under our house & that it had a giant slide & a ball pit. They told me I could only get down there by pressing a "hidden button" that was located in one of our closets. Soooooo....I spent the next 2 days in the closet searching for the button. Hahaha!

7. I LOVE the piano & it's my college major, but I hated my first two years playing & begged my mom to let me quit. 

8. When I was little, I thought Asian guys were the cutest. Lol!

9. I love dogs, but only big ones. Cats---not a big fan =p

10. I'm super artsy & I love interior decorating, drawing, & photography. 

11. Dark chocolate is my weakness.

12. People assume I'm Latina in the summertime & ask me quite frequently what in the world my heritage is.

13. And just in case you were wondering after that last one, I'm German. =)

14. I would live on a beach if I could!!

15. Superpower of choice: Flying, duh!

16. I'm never sarcastic! (*note sarcasm*)

17 I think llamas are hilarious & I bring them up randomly in everyday conversation.

18. That said---Emperor's New Groove=Awesomeness!!!

19. I'm super random. Don't believe me? Ask the llamas....

20.I have the most beautiful nieces EVER!!

21. My favorite swimming stroke is the butterfly. 

22. I'm allergic to vaseline...nothing else, just vaseline...weird. 

23. I have a very awkward yet funny true story involving goat's meat & marriage proposals. 

24. When I was about 5yrs old I could quote the entire Robin Hood book from memory.

25. Aaaaand, since that was my favorite story, I begged my mom to change my middle name from "Marie" to "Maid Marian" & my siblings will never let me forget it! Lol =)

26. I have a brother from Guam named Jacob. 

27. Making really good French toast & smoothies is my secret talent. 


29. I should be doing homework right now.

30. I'm a reading junky in the summer & I've been known to finish a 400+ page book in 2 days or less.

That's all folks!!! Now you know more about me then you ever dreamed. Haha! Have an awesome weekend =)


  1. Loved it!!!! There is some stuff here even I didn't konw =) Love you so much...thanks for posting! Oh by the way...there is a secret room under your dorms...full of dark chocolate..the button is under your bed...happy hunting!

  2. Ahahaha!!! Maaaaan, I'm gonna be up all night looking now!!! Dark chocolate...yummmmm. =) LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I totally remember telling you about the secret room!! Too funny.

  4. Becca, you also told me that my candy was so sour it would blast me to the moon....I was afraid of inter-galactic travel at the age of 5, so I gave you my candy...gullible. Hahaha! I still love you. =)