Apr 11, 2010

One Day at a Time!

That has become my motto this past week. This is the time in the semester where everything is due & there never seems to be enough time to get it all done, but I am enjoying every minute of it! Well....almost every minute. I was outside studying in the 68 degree sunshine on Tuesday afternoon & on Thursday morning I woke up to a snow covered campus. AHHH!!! But you will all be very proud of me: I didn't even cry! Haha =)
Thankfully, it melted the next day & it was back to 70 degree weather this afternoon, which leads my to conclude that Wisconsin is just weird....but I already knew that. Lol!

I am very excited for the upcoming week here at Northland. We are having a missions conference & I have heard that it is the highlight of the year! There will be many guest speakers here who are veteran missionaries, as well as many visiting missionaries from all over the world. There will be workshops given by missionaries from Asia, South Africa, Peru, Romania, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Guam, & the Philippines. There will be sessions Tuesday-Friday finished off by a round-table discussion on the topic of tent making. Thankfully, we will also be given a day off of classes on Thursday to attend a few more workshops.  The choir will be singing an absolutely beautiful song based out of Isaiah 55 on Tuesday night & I'm going to try to get a video to share with you guys. It makes me cry every time we sing it. Lol! Other than that, I can't think of too much else to fill you all in on; I've been too busy to have a life. Haha! If you happen to think of it, I would appreciate prayer for this next week; it is going to be extremely busy, but SOOOOO worth it! I have 3 tests, all my regular classes, & there's always piano. I have my exams coming up soon & I was also invited back to the Heyde Center to play piano this year. I had an AMAZING time when I played last year, but I haven't had a whole lot of spare time to learn a piece for this performance, so I would appreciate you prayers as I tackle some Rachmaninoff =) I guess that's all I have to say for now...well, technically I guess it's all I have to type. Hehe! I hope you are all doing splendidly & that you have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by =)


  1. Hey! I love your conversational style of sharing news from your life! : ) Makes me wish I could be there... tho I'll probably be swamped with deadlines soon enough! lol The missions conference sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear to song. I'm praying for you!

  2. Thanks Sarah =) I wish you could be here too! I miss you tons. I'm sure you will have a whole schedule full of college deadlines soon. Lol! Thanks for the prayers, they are appreciated! Ttyl.

  3. Alicia!!!! Good luck with everything! Maybe you will get your package from me this week and that will for sure help you make it through the week. Just don't show your dorm leader people things, whatever you call them, what's in it! hahaha, just kidding! Love you!