Nov 23, 2009

A Wonderful Week!!

Well, this has been a great week! It was one of the most challenging weeks of college so far, but for every little trial I faced this past week, God provided an extra blessing. And since it is almost Thanksgiving, I'd like to share some of the highlights of the past week!

Starting with A Christmas Carol! I went to the performance of the Christmas play last Saturday & it was amazing! This was definitely the funniest version of a Christmas Carol that I have ever seen. The guy who played Scrooge was hilarious! I got to go with several good friends, so we had a blast.

I got this wonderful care package from my youth group on least I think it was Monday. I don't actually remember. All of the days kind of run together after awhile...ANYWAYS! Lets just say for argument's sake that it was Monday. It doesn't really matter. But I do remember that I was having a pretty tough morning & it was such an unexpected blessing to receive such a thoughtful gift in the mail =) Thank you all!!!

Wednesday & Thursday were amazing since we had a guest speaker named Ken Ham on campus. I don't know how many of you have heard of him, but I would highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with his material. He is the founder of the Creation Museum & let me tell you, the man is brilliant! He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the privilege to listen to. We had three, two-hour sessions with him while he was on campus. We also had a lot of visitors, which was a blessing. Ken Ham was a bit surprised about Northland's location though. We are pretty much in the middle of nowhere, & he said that during the long drive he began to fear that some atheists had captured him & were going to do away with him once & for all. Lol! He was a huge blessing =) You can see what he had to say about his experience here.

Then on Friday I was able to drive home for the weekend. My oldest sister Amber came to Chetek for a few days  &the ladies of our home church were anxious to see her new baby, so they threw a baby shower for her. It was a lot of fun & great to catch up with everyone.

Baby Bree is getting so big! Last time I saw her she was only two days old. She has changed a lot in two months! She is very content though. I think that Aubrianna was passed around to about 14 different people on Saturday afternoon & she didn't cry at all.

When she does happen to start crying, all we have to do is show her some Christmas lights. It is the cutest thing; she LOVES twinkle lights. She will be crying her little eyes out, but as soon as she sees twinkle lights she quiets right down & just stares at them in awe. It is adorable!!

My brother-in-law, Ryan, was also able to come up & do some hunting over the weekend. He got an doe & an eight-point buck! Yay!!! I was so happy! (for him...and my car!) Lol. If any of you are wondering about my animosity towards deer, this is why I am so bitter. Haha! That is my sister, Amber, looking quite grossed out on the right side of the yucky deer. Lol!

Anyways, it has been a great week. I can't wait to go home on Wednesday & spend some more time with my wonderful family. I hope that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving with you family & friends!! Take some time to thank God for all of the blessings that He gives each day. There are so many things that we take for granted. Have a great week =)

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!" ~Psalm 107:1


  1. Hey there! Love the pics and the very newsy post! I love "peeking" into your life! : ) You were sweet enough to bring stuff here and send stuff to me when I was in the US... what goes around comes around! I'm glad your youth group is so attentive to you! : ) Thanks for posting!

  2. i really like this blog and hope to come back! feel free to visit and follow my blog at (and my design blog if you like,
    Libby xox :)

  3. Hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping in. I'm glad my life doesn't bore you readers too much. Lol! Have a great week =)

  4. Good to see you're doing well!!

    Quick question tho -- why would atheists capture Ken Ham and do away with him? that's not my main goal in life!! LOL.

    :) -- Sarah Hogan

  5. Sarah Hogan!!!! We need to hang out =) That being said, check out Ken Ham's stuff. He's recieved some hate mail from a lot of atheists, so I think that's why he said that ;) Although you might not hatch such diabolical plots, apparently some people do. Lol!
    Thanks for stopping by chica. We have to catch up sometime!