Jul 25, 2009


It's already the weekend? Craziness!

Ok, so I said that I would finish talking about Leadership Camp soon, & now I finally have a few minutes =)
So week two of LC was also amazing, just in a different way. For our second week, each of us would be assigned to a cabin, either in Pioneer Village, which is their junior camp, or we would be assigned to a jr. high, or sr. high cabin in teen week. I knew that wherever God put me He would work in my life, but I was really praying that I could be in a sr. high cabin, because I felt like I had been through a lot of the same struggles that girls face at that age, & God had taught me a lot through all of it. The first week we were there, it was a BIG week. There were close to 500 campers. But the second week was pretty small, & there were only 2 sr. high girls cabins. But I ended up being put in one of them, so that was awesome!

The first couple of days were a bit of a struggle for me, as I was trying to apply what I had learned the week before about servant leadership. But the more God worked in my heart, the easier the week went. I got to know the girls in my cabin really well & ended up having a great week- & best of all, on Wednesday night, one of the girls accepted Christ as her savior!!!

The following night was also a huge blessing. I was able to give my testimony during cabin devo's, I talked about a lot of the things I had struggled with, & how through EVERYTHING, God is always faithful, & just talked about a lot of what He has taught me. God really used that time to help the girls in the cabin open up about their own struggles & insecurities, & from what one of the girls had told me, I became really burdened for her.

The next day the LCer's had a session on prayer & how powerful it is. I have been finding out the more I pray, just how powerful it is, but this session really challenged me about my prayer life.
That afternoon I started praying specifically that God would give me a chance to talk one-on-one with the girl that had really opened up the night before.
It was the last day & I was just hoping for an opportunity to maybe encourage her. And of course, God worked it out so that we ended up being able to talk for over 45 minutes on our own! It was a huge blessing =)

Now that I'm thinking about it more, SO MUCH happened over those two weeks. I met some really great people, & learned so much about God. It was just fantastic!

I'm always amazed to at how small the world really is. Lol! One day, I wore an Inca Kola shirt that I got in Peru, & I met like 8 people that had been there on missions trips! One of the counselors ran up to me & yelled "Inca Kola?! I thought that looked familiar, I love that stuff! Did you know you can get it in Miami?" Haha! It turned out that the staff member I had my interview with had been there twice & is going back this January. None of them had ever been to Tacna, the area our group went, but I did meet a girl from West Coast Bible College that apparently knew the missionaries we stayed with. Weird huh? But very cool =)
Well, I am extremely tired, which means I better get off the computer & get busy. Lol. Thanks for checking in! Ttyl =)

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